Dylius Windows application

This is our main product. A very elaborate software that supports all of your production needs. Plan your staff, equipment, cars and rooms to the minute. Callsheets are automatically created and contain all the necessary information: job description, location, usefull contact data... The call sheet can be sent by email to the whole crew by a simple mouse click. Rent-in and rent-out of equipment and staff is suported.

Here are some of the most important features:
  • manage contacts, customers, staff, suppliers
  • manage projects
  • use order notes
  • manage rent-out of equipment
  • make bookings for staff, equipment, cars, edit suites, ...
  • send call sheets by email with one mouse click
  • send info by sms (text to mobile) using the built-in sms gateway
  • organize rent-in of equipment
  • exchange staff vacancies with partners
  • group used resources in invoice attachment (or real invoice)
  • view reports with post-calculation of used resources
  • all this with a multilingual interface

Completed bookings can be grouped and invoiced. Pricing of products and services is done on several levels: products/service, customer or customer group, pricelist, sales offer. The invoice module can be used in two ways: as a stand-alone invoice system (for smaller companies), or as an invoice attachment that is linked to the real invoice in your accountancy system. Depending on the type of used accountancy software, the information of the invoice attachment can automatically be transferred to your accountancy software, so that it doesn't has to be typed in again. We have already interfaced the invoicing with Microsoft Dynamics (Navision) and have prepared interfacing with QuickBooks.

Its multilingual interface not only lets the user work in his/hers preferred language (English, German, French, Dutch, or Spanish) but also gives the possibility to print all output in these languages.

Purchase orders can be managed in Dylius. Users can approve/disapprove orders. When an order has been fully approved, it can automatically be sent by email to the supplier. Purchase orders can be used to order equipment, but also to order freelance services for a specific booking.

Thanks to its built-in security you can create user groups with different levels of permissions. Users can be given read- or write-access to every type of object. Furthermore, extensive logging gives the administrator the possibility to view all changes made, the users that made them, and the time they did it. Users and user groups can automatically be synced with your existing Active Directory.

All output is delivered as pdf-files. You need Acrobat Reader to open these files. Exported reports result in csv-files or txt-files, that can be opened with MS Office Excel or OpenOffice Calc.

Fully integrated sms functionality makes communicating with your staff much easier. With only one mouse click you can send all/some crew members their booking details. You can also send bulk messages (ex: to all personnel) and even schedule the messages to be sent later at a specific hour or date.

Using its own mail server, Dylius can send e-mails directly from a simple mouse click. Sending crew sheets will take you only a few seconds. Alternatively, mails can be sent using your own Exchange server.

Almost every production or facility company has to deal with some quantity of tapes or discs. With our software, the tape archive module facilitates filing and searching your tapes. Lables (with bar code) can easily be printed.

Dylius emerged out of +20 years of experience in the professional planning in the Belgian television branch. The lack of appropriate software fed its development.

Technical notes:
This software runs on Windows XP-Vista-7-8-10 32-bit and 64-bit environments. It depends on the Microsoft Framework 4.0 and uses a SQL database for storing and retreiving data. It also runs smoothly on Citrix Xenapp and on Mac Parallels. Acrobat Reader is needed for opening and printing pdf-files.