Dylius Windows application

A very elaborate software that supports all of your production needs. Plan your staff, equipment, cars and rooms to the minute. Callsheets are automatically created and contain all the necessary information: job description, location, usefull contact data... The callsheet can be sent by e-mail to the whole crew by a simple mouseclick. Read more...

Dylius Online

This website is an add-on to the Dylius for Windows application. It is mainly intended to give visitors an instant access to their own planning and have the possibility to fill in worksheets. But you can also give customers access to a specific part of their planning and give them the tools to approve worksheets. Managing the website is done through Dylius for Windows, so you don't need an administrator with web-knowledge to support this online service.

Dylius sync Exchange

Planning of people can be synced with Exchange server calendars. This great advantage gives you and your staff a continuously up-to-date calendar on Outlook, your smartphone, tablet and others.